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Music Equalizer allows you to enjoy your favorite music on an entirely new level!
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May 26, 2022
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Music Equalizer allows you to enjoy your favorite music on an entirely new level!

Music Equalizer – is an all-in-one bass booster and sound enhancer that offers brilliant sound quality. Discover why this is the best bass booster & music volume equalizer for Android. 🔊

Fantastic Music Equalizer

Simple and easy-to-use Equalizer & Bass Booster with powerful Volume Booster feature for your phone that follows google's material design. You can control the Equalizer, Bass Boost, and Virtualizer independently, which means you don't need to enable EQ to enable Bass Boost.

Powerful Bass and Sound Booster

Listen to the top songs in your music library with the best sound booster & bass booster app for Android! To get the best results, pair this app with your best headphones. Music Equalizer is also a great speaker booster if you use a Bluetooth speaker to listen to music.

Sound enhancer with great features
Volume Booster & Music Equalizer has various features, including five-band EQ, amp, bass boost, 3D virtualizer, slider volume & audio control.

🎵Simple installation and usage:🎵
• Turn on the Music player and play your music
• Turn on the Equalizer – Bass Booster application and adjust the sound level and frequency
• Put on headphones for the best results
• To close the application, open the app and switch off effects

Use loudness Enhancer with Caution! 🔊 Use our sound enhancer – volume booster with extra caution. Volume booster will significantly improve loudness, and you better be ready for it!
• Bass Booster
• Volume Booster
• Loudness Enhancer
• 3D Virtualizer effect
• Maximizes the voice of the phone
• Media audio control
• Bass booster for headphones
• Five band music equalizer
• 10 presets: Normal, Classic, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock
• Bassbooster effect – speaker booster
• Save custom preset
• Compatible with all popular music and video players on the market
• Listen to good music, whatever audio player you use
• Circular music beat bars
• Video volume booster
• Extra Volume

Everything you need from the Equalizer🔊
Bass Booster & Equalizer improve sound effects with equalizer sound booster, music eq, Sonido, music booster. Improve the sound quality of your Android device and make a sound increase for maximum phone volume with a Volume booster feature. 🎵

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