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Shamil Money Application:
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Shamil Bank of Yemen & Bahrain
Jun 15, 2022
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Shamil Money Application:
(Shamil Money) is an application from Shamil Bank of Yemen & Bahrain, through it E-Money services are presented. It enables you executing financial transactions in an easy, fast and secure way through your mobile without necessary to have a bank account.

Shamil Money Application Services:
1- Pay water, electricity, internet and landline bills.
2- Recharge mobile balance (bill payment or prepaid) through the following local mobile operators (Yemen Mobile, MTN, SabaFon ,Adsl Internet)
3- Pay for purchases.
4- Transfer between your e-wallet and bank account.
5- Transfer between clients e-wallet accounts (Shamil Money).
6- The possibility to register a temporary client in the service by a registered client.
7- Inquiring about the e-wallet as well as the bank balance.
8- Other different services

Shamil Money Application features:
1- Instant execution of transactions.
2- Ease and flexibility in executing transactions.
3- Security in executing transactions.
4- The possibility of linking the electronic wallet account to the bank account.
5- The application is available in Arabic and English language.
6- Knowing the locations of bank branches and ATM locations.

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